2015 “Moon Goddess” COLLECTION

The “Moon Goddess” Collection was inspired by the power of the moon. The moon

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbour. Although it is so much smaller than the sun, and gives much less light, it strongly affects the Earth. In terms of gravitational force, this small satellite exerts two and a half times the gravitational pull of the sun.
The Moon’s powerful pull influences on every living thing on our planet. It creates tides on every scale. Not just the oceanic tides with which we are all familiar. There are in fact five tides of the Moon. In many other religions, the Moon represents the Female aspect of Divinity, embodying the qualities we associate with Yin: fluidity, ever-changing yet eternal, bringing life, shining brightly yet softly, holding many mysteries.
Thus the Moon is seen as Goddess — the Feminine Face of God. From this awesome creative power comes the Moon’s influence on all this mystical and magical. You may be aware of the Moon tides in the ocean. But did you know that the Moon’s tides actually pull on Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit, as well as Water?

The 5 Moon Tides
The Moon’s gravity affects everything on Earth. It calls not only the waters, but the very Earth.
Even though the Moon is so much smaller than the Sun, it is much closer to us. So it exerts over twice the gravitational force on the Earth than does the Sun.

The Ocean Tides
This is the most commonly understood of the 5 Moon-tides. The Moon’s tidal pull on the waters of our world is completely obvious. here are two tides every day, corresponding roughly to when the Moon is overhead and when it is on the opposite side of the planet. As it travels around the Earth, the oceans move with it. More or less.n point of fact, the tides’ movement doesn’t follow the moon exactly but a pattern of resonance that the Moon has established by circling the Earth for a long time.
Still, the most extreme tides occur around the Full Moon and the New Moon. These are called spring tides. Not because of any relation to the season, but from the Welsh word that means “to bulge”. . . springan.
Also, the orbit of the Moon isn’t a perfect circle. Sometimes it is closer, and sometimes farther away. Obviously, when the Moon is near the Earth, it affects the tides most strongly.

The Earth Tides
Did you know that the Moon has a tide that pulls the crust of the Earth towards itself? This is called the earth tide. The surface of our planet actually rises between 4 to 12 inches every day when the Moon is above the horizon, and recedes when the Moon sets.
Imagine how strong a force the Moon must exert, to pull the very mountains and land masses toward it!

The Fire Tides
Lunar tides also affect the fiery molten core of the earth, causing it to surge and recede just like ocean tides.
This appears to be a major contributing cause of earthquakes and volanco eruptions.

The Air Tides
There is still another medium that the Moon affects. This is the body of air that surrounds our planet.
The pocket of air around the Earth reaches up about 60 miles. It weighs an incredible five million billion tons. This is equivalent to 33 feet of water flowing over the surface of the Earth. The Moon has a tide affect in this air mass, changing the height or thickness of the atmosphere every day. When it is overhead, the Moon’s gravity pulls the atmosphere toward itself, sometimes by as much as 25%. This means that in certain phases of the Moon, the atmosphere bulges out an extra 15 miles. This creates higher pressure where the Moon is, and lower pressure where it is not. Then when the Moon sinks below the horizon, the atmosphere again grows more compact.
This is a major force in affecting weather. Weather is, in fact, what happens when the atmosphere is pulled around the planet by the Moon.
There is evidence that almost every cyclone, tornado, volcanic eruption, and earthquake is associated with a significant moon position. Even thunderstorms seem to be created when the Moon is in a certain phase and position.


Our “Espiritu” Collection represents a special place in the spirit where the goddess meets the warrior spirit and transforms into a one of a kind energy spirit that can uplift you in any encounter. The inspiration for this collection came to the designer after  from time spent in Yosemite Valley Joshua Tree, Big Sur ,and Ojai. The symbolic representation of the geometric forms are mimicked from images seen on these journeys. All metal work is designed by Karla Lopez. All stones are one or a kind or limited edition selected for their healing properties to benefit the wearer. These pieces will only be available during for 2014. Join us on our quest for transformation, it is a majestic experience.


This year’s “Swoon Collection” from Karlita Designs features limited edition pieces emphasizing the earth’s natural elements.

Swoon Definition:

1. to faint; lose consciousness.
2. to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy:

The Swoon Collection’s name came about as it brought on a swooning affect by its admirers. Thus many of the pieces featured in this collection were designed to create a swooning affect on those around the wearer.

Karlita Designs features only limited edition and one of a kind pieces. Each item is available for a limited time.

The “Swoon Collection” will be available to purchase starting August 1st, 2013! Please visit our store to make purchases.

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