Karlita Designs sole intention is to empower women and make them feel beautiful. Our collection features rare semi-precious gemstones, made to elicit raw elegance and the inner sensuality in women. “There is an underlying tone of duality seen in each piece… Elegant yet hard, bold yet gentle, strong yet feminine, sensual yet independent. The stones select are chosen to harness their power energy and share those properties with the wearer. I have harnessed the stone energy to help re-energy certain elements within myself.”
Karla Lopez’s background in the arts, psychology, and cultural anthropology has led her to a focus on adornments. “ Throughout cultures and history adornments, stones, color has been used to empower women and men. Adornments aid in bringing out one’s natural strength, this is the concept I carry through each design.

Karla Lopez begin her venture in fashion and the jewelry world 2003 when she opened up her own boutique/gallery in Los Angeles called “Blue Chips”. Several years later in 2005 she her jewelry line began to grow and her designs were sought after by stores and individual clients. “I design for each piece carefully contemplating the women that will adorn themselves with my pieces with the intention of creating strength and energy that can get sucked away by everyday life. I have enjoyed creating elaborate jewelry pieces for some of my clients (Stana Katic, Erykah Badu, Billy Corgan). I can’t express in words the joy it gives me to meet someone wearing one of my pieces.

Karlita Designs uses limited edition designs that feature very rare semi-precious gemstones, made to elicit raw elegance and inner sensuality in women.

Message from the Designer and Owner of Karlita

A guy left me a message telling me not to say the stones I use have healing properties and just say that my jewelry is very pretty, while I am flattered that he think my jewelry is pretty and speaks more than what I have to say about my jewelry. I have to say this:
For me, life is about the magic that lies in all things, the power that lies dormant within ourselves and in nature all around us. Too often, we are consumed by social media and commercialism (I am guilty like everyone else) and I am so humbled every time someone finds my work beautiful enough to wear (more over to spend their hard-earned money on it).
So no, I will not drop the belief behind my line, that there are healing properties within the stones used in my designs. Because I need the magic from our Earth, the waters, wind, sun, land, rocks and fire. I need the songs of the wind and the birds to fill me and fuel me to move forward in this rat race. My designs are meant to empower those that feel its’ vibe and energy. I am not here to convince you, just to share my art, my craft with those that love it. I spend as much time as I can in nature and making jewelry. I invest every cent I have in growing, learning and expanding myself and my craft. I am a student of the planet and life. If you like my work, I am so humbled and I find art necessary to provide purpose for me.
This is dedicated to the life of my father who taught me the beauty behind all things and that fashion and art can help you to express yourself, what you are feeling.
-Karla Lopez

Karla Lopez
AKA Karlindaluv
jewelry designer
Founder & CEO of Karlita Designs