Wanderlust: Copa Del Sol

Travels are something Karlita Designs stands firmly behind and manifests as frequently as possible.  Doing so allows a chance for the senses to get inspired by various offerings of the vast gorgeous world.  One of our brand ambassadors (and main contributor of the KD blog),  Antoinette V. Cardenas of social.experiment, had recently been on a trip that fascinated us.  Here she shares the personal tale to a spiritual hideaway:

About 44 years ago, a particular sandy rock scattered land in the rainforest of Mexico came to vibrant life, through the vision of Gian Franco Brignone, Sought after by those seeking a unique kind of experience in secluded paradise.  Costa Careyes is the reclusive place I speak of.  A couple months back, a generous invitation to see the magic for myself was extended.  And when one is offered such, one accepts.   I had no idea what to expect nor was I aware of the energetic architectural treat I was in for.

One of the most remarkable memories (among many) was the evening spent at the Copa del Sol. Translated as The Cup of the Sun which is a tribute to the femininity of Brignone.  The massive concrete dome lays right side up at the edge of the cliff over the sea.  At the very tip top we played with each others whispers from one side to another whilst taking in the sunset that was truly magicical.

The view and acoustics are perfection all around.  Down below, I found myself spooning within the belly of the cup for some energy clearing and spirit cleansing, Coincidentally, I was wearing KD’s Healer Crystal Necklace with seven powerful points draping from my clavicle over my heart.  The combination of all the elements made for a positive life shift.  I could have spent the whole night there.

When I visit again, I just might….Would you like to come with?


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