Greetings and Salutations Darling Sweeties!

Apologies for being away from the blogosphere for so long…we’ve missed you!  Karlita Designs has been busy with a slew of new endeavors and want to catch you up to speed on it all.

Sitting Pretty in Chantal Showroom

First off, the line is now being represented by Chantal Showroom in Downtown LA’s fashion district New Mart. The last couple seasons has had positive feedback from buyers.  More than a handful of retailers are carrying KD, such as,  Ananda (Abbot Kinney), Majestical Roof (Pasadena), Stop Drop Roll (SF), Francis (Phoenix),  Em & Co. (LA), and Sumi (Silverlake).  A gracious thank you to everyone for the support.  So happy the list continues to grow!

The Swoon Collection for Autumn/ Winter ’13 just launched.  Each piece is designed to create a swooning aura for the wearer.  As always, Karlita Designs, are one of a kind and truly special.  When one approaches the collection, it seems, there is always one piece in particular that calls out to them.  Swoon just became available, so have a look for your self on our shop page.  It’s about time to get those around you swooning, don’t you think?

And to add more goodness , 5% off proceeds will go to charity.  We want to give back to those less fortunate and want to assure our customers that they are too- knowing that we can all make a difference in the world by providing a bit of care and empowerment.  The featured charity will periodically change as to spread the love through and through.

Lastly, have you heard of Manny Torres otherwise known as  2nd Wind ?  Well, currently in progress is a unique collaboration with the artist.  One that is proving to bring out another side of  Karlita Designs.  We are excited with anticipation to share what will be wearable works of art with you.  But in the meantime in between time be sure stay close and in touch here:

Facebook; Twitter & Instagram: @karlindaluv; Pinterest.